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Empowering General Practice

with Telehealth Services

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Juggling full appointment books and staff shortages?

Welcome to Remedi Solutions Limited, the on-demand locum service for General Practices when an in person provider isn't available.

We understand the challenges practices face when dealing with unplanned absences or staff shortages in their clinical teams. That's why we offer a unique solution allowing practices to quickly and easily find qualified locum support when they need it most.


With Remedi you’ll get qualified New Zealand doctors and nurse practitioners ready to alleviate your workload and provide additional capacity or fill in for sick or absent staff.


You can enhance efficiency, improve patient access, and maintain quality care without resorting to third-party telemedicine services that could see an increase in your clinical admin.

Our locums work for you so say goodbye to no appointments

and hello to seamless virtual care.

Our Services
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Guaranteed Results - 92% Success Rate

Remote Script & Inbox Management

Phone & Patient in Practice Video Consults

GP Phone Triage

After Hours Clinics

Tailored Sessional Service

Short Term & Long Term Support

Introducing TytoCare

Provides enhanced video consultations to patients, whether they are in your clinic or other locations. 


Using the device, clinicians can gather diagnostic information by measuring the patient's temperature, listening to their heart and lung sounds, examining their ear, throat, skin, and more. These devices can be used both at home and at the clinic, without any clinical training required for the patient.

TytoCare offers many benefits, including providing clinicians with more diagnostic information than usual in remote consultations. The system also features an integrated video consultation platform, which runs on an Android or Apple tablet. This eliminates the need for clinics to set up separate video consultation systems. Using TytoCare results in better consultations and outcomes for the patient, lower costs for the clinic, and better overall patient experiences.



These guys are amazing to deal with and even facilitated training to the Locum for our PMS. We had an urgent request and Gordon and Richelle were able to provide cover for us within 24 hours of the request. Fantastic to know we have a new resource for accessing cover when we really need it.

South Island Practice

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Get to Know Our Family

Remedi Solutions is made up of a team with years of successful experience in general practice and is ready and willing to pass on our knowledge to all of our clients. Find out more about our passionate team members and see why we’re the best locum agency in New Zealand.


Managing Partner



Managing Partner

Gordon and Richelle are collaborating on providing a unique style of service to General Practice combining their indiviual skills and talents within healthcare and systems



Unplanned absences can happen at any time, leaving your practice short-staffed and overwhelmed. Don't let this disrupt your patient care or revenue. Remedi is here to help with our fast, reliable, and professional GP support. Get the backup you need, when you need it. Request support now and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your practice is covered.

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